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Operating from one production and sales location, United Pipeline Products is the merging of 6 companies active in the water, gas, oil and energy industries.

HUWA International Pipeline Products B.V.

Manufacturer of the HUWA stainless steel repair clamp such as the HUWA 10, HUWA RVZ, HUWA T and HUWA ZC.

Romacon Petro B.V.

Leading supplier of high pressure Pipeline Repair Products for off shore and on shore transmission pipeline systems for the oil and gas industry.

Romacon Pipeline Products B.V.

Leading European manufacturer of stainless steel repair clamp. Such as RS 1, SST and Split Barrel for gas- and water pipelines.

UNI-Coupling B.V.

Pull-out resistant pipe couplings for all pipe types to meet the highest standard, with all certificates for shipping and industry.

Gekave International B.V.

Manufacturer of stainless steel repair clamps, inserts and snap clamps such as FSC and FS 10.

Hegawa B.V.

Supplies and develops wide range couplings, grip couplings and flange adaptors for all pipe materials to the water- gas and petrochemical industry.

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A few words about us

United Pipeline Products was founded on November 19, 2010 in response to the continuous changing international market conditions in the water, gas, oil and energy industries. Operating from one production and sales location, United Pipeline Products is the merging of 6 companies, each of which has successfully engaged in the industry for over 25 years.

  • HUWA International Pipeline Products B.V.
  • Romacon Pipeline Products B.V.
  • Romacon Petro B.V.
  • UNI-Coupling B.V.
  • Gekave International B.V.
  • Hegawa B.V.

With the ever-changing market conditions and thorough market research, it was evident that the converging of the respective prominent competitors into a unified organization was a successful choice in sustaining a competitive position worldwide. Although united under one production and sales establishment, each of the participating companies continues to individually manufacture under their distinctive name.

Focusing on innovation and striving for continues improvement, United Pipeline Products employs leading edge technologies and production method within its establishment and throughout its entire manufacturing process.

With a dominant presence in over 40 countries and as the largest producer in Europe within the industry, United Pipeline Products continues to be the leading manufacturer of stainless steel repair clamps worldwide.



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