Voedselbank “Boxtel”

United Pipeline Products B.V. Supports: Voedselbank “Boxtel”

In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty line. The food banks help the poorest by providing them with temporary food packages. In order to provide their customers with sufficient food, they work together with companies, institutions, governments and private individuals. In this way, together we ensure that poverty is combated, food surpluses disappear and the environment is taxed less. With the motto: “Eye for food, heart for people”.

In order to increase the self-reliance of their customers, they work together with local organizations that help their customers to stand on their own feet again. After all, food aid must always be temporary. In 2016, the deployment of 11,000 volunteers provided 38,500 food packages per week from 166 local food banks and approximately 135,000 Dutch people were dependent on the food bank.